Using Kis Products Every Day

Kis & Kis Essentials products have been designed for men & women for pleasure & everyday use.
You can use all the products in a simple skin & body care routine. Or supplement your own routine. the Kis range utilises the power of aromatherapy to enhance your body and mind.
With Kis products you can…

With Kis Organic Olive Oil Soap

with Kis Celtic Sea Salt Scrub

with Kis Flower waters/Hydrosols

with Kis Vitamin C face Cream and Kis Organic Body Creams

with Kis Trio of Perfumes, 3 Eau de Parfums in  50m Spray bottle and 3 Perfume Oils in 9ml rollerballs.The subtle & harmonising scents will stay with you as you go about your daily life.

When you are at home or office you can enjoy Kis essential oil blends and Reed Room diffusers.
So you are always enjoying the benefits of carefully chosen essential oils.
Kis Products are made with care by professional team of aromatherapists, a naturopath, a chemist and a perfumist.

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