Kis Aromatherapy Essential Oil Pack


This is a great pack, with oil blends to suite every mood. Brighten your home or office.
This handy steam diffuser plugs into your laptop or usb outlet as is or can plug into any power plug (adaptor not provided).


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Cleanse and purify your home or work place.
This box set Includes all our four amazing blends:
Kis Yin – soft, powdery scent, Grounding & Balancing: with essential oils of Cedarwood* Jasmine*, Vanilla, Amyris, Patchouli*, Rose Labdamum.
Kis Yang – uplifting, Joyful: with essential oils of Ylang Ylang* Sandalwood, Jasmine*, vanilla, Mandarin* Lime*.
Kis Unisex – a fresh citrus, scent, Liberating & Balancing: with essential oils of Rose, Jasmine*, Clove Bud*, Geranium*, Mandarin*.
Kis Lavender + Native inspiring blend to uplift the senses and awaken the mind. Open up your heart and mind to the relaxing power of Australian Lavender*, crisp, uplifting qualities of Australian Lemon*, the balancing, harmonising properties of Cedarwood* and the de-stressing, calming nature of Australian Rosalina* and cleansing thyme.
*Certified Organic and all essential oils TGA approved Essential Oils from a single source.

Also includes a quality Electric diffuser that changes colour to enhance your moods.




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