Kis Daily Skin Care with Celtic Sea Salt scrub

Kis Celtic Sea Salt Scrub is for use on the face & body, Kis Scrub is made with Fine Celtic Sea Salt
100% Organically Hand Harvested with no additives. It is dried by the Sun and Wind.
Contains 24 Minerals essential for life. In a base of organic coconut oil to moisturise and the skin. Combined with organic coconut oil to maintain moisture & to nurture your skin.

Follow with Kis New You Vitamin C cream Apply small amount on face daily after cleansing & exfoilating contains 20% ascorbic acid. Gives you healthy glow and improves skin texture & has
potent antioxidant benefits. reduces lines & helps with skin renewal. In a base of organic shea butter.

Finish with Kis Organic Flower Waters to close the pores and refresh.

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