Vit C Anti-Aging Face Cream – His and Hers Duo


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Save by buying these two products together. The best anti-aging cream you will find.

Simple but effective. You will notice a difference in your skin. Your face will glow and people will notice.
Small lines and age marks will disappear.
NOTE: If you skin is sensitiive, do a patch test first. Apply a little to the inside of your wrist. It is natural for the cream to make your skin tingle.
IT MEANS IT’S WORKING. Renewing skin cells.

Use this cream every second day.
1. Cleanse skin (use cleanser, kis soap or scrub for sensitive skin.
2. Apply Vit C cream on your face, A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY.
3. Spray with Kis Flower water to take away any slight greasiness and to close pores. (close your eyes and spray generously from 6cms away over face)




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