You look well

“Your looking well.”
People are saying that to me all the time lately.
Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and deserves to be treated well.
I use Kis Celtic Sea Salt scrub most days.
I prefer to use the Kis scrubs on damp skin, so l wash my body with Kis olive oil soap, turn off the shower, pat dry my skin with a towel and then apply the scrub in circular motions.
Then l rinse off in shower. Afterwards l spray myself with one of Kis organic flower water which closes the pores and add more hydration. Plus makes me feel a million dollars!
The Celtic Sea Salt in Kis scrubs is in itself naturally moist and finely ground so it can be used on dry skin before showering too,.
The Celtic sea salt it is a base of moisturising organic coconut oil so that helps moisturise as well.
The sea salt used in Kis scrubs is sourced from the pristine waters of the Atlantic ocean, France where oceans currents arrive after traveling accoss thousands of Kms of open ocean.
Kis scrub stimulates the skin which results in improved blood circulation. This leads to firm and healthy looking skin, and gets rid of dead skin cells and unclog your pores
It is also a natural alternative to treating your acne. We get great feedback from customers who have experienced acne.
The Fully mineralised natural salt in Kis scrubs does not dry your skin, it hydrates it.
Along with the organic coconut oil which has Anti-Inflammatory effect and beneficial essential oils.

So folks….Scrub a dub dub…..
-yes l love Kis products, l help make them!
Written by Louise Rawlings, owner Kis My Body

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