Mintelle Organic Perfume 50ml

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Mintelle Organic Perfume – Eau De Parfum

Mintelle Organic Perfume is a zesty, light, uplifting and refreshing scent.

Mintelle Perfume, Citrus Mint Unisex Scent.

Top Notes: Lime Spearmint. Heart Notes: Mandarin, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang.

Organic Eau De Parfum 50mL made in Australia by Kis My Body.
Vegan, chemical free & Organic. Not tested on animals. Box is printed on 100% recycled cardboard & is recyclable.

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Sugar Cane Alcohol*, Pink Grapefruit*, Sweet Orange*, Red Mandarin*, Lime & Spearmint

*certified organic ingredients

2 reviews for Mintelle Organic Perfume 50ml

  1. simone

    So have you ever wondered what it would be like to run through a lemon tree forest whilst skipping barefoot on fresh mint leaves with sparkling mineral rain drops showering gently around you and covering you in a mist of the most fresh, lemony (REAL) minty(real) and citrus burst of freshness and delight invoking all youre senses? Well if you have, get mintelle and spray a few bursts on you and enjoy because thats just happened to me as I opened my gorgeous new bottle!!!!! xxxx

  2. simone

    I felt like I was walking into a field of lemon and grapefruit trees and crushing mint under my feet as I walked, the smell was heavenly and it felt so fresh and citrus infused. It literally smells like real lemons and mint and fresh dewy leaves in summer with a big shower burst of fresh juicy mandarins. In love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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