Relaxation slows down the heart rate thereby giving our hearts some rest which in turn avoids many heart risk factors like hypertension, stroke, and broken heart syndrome.

Relaxation improves the skin by easing acne problems. Stress leads to skin breakouts and other skin related issues. Whereas if you relax the skin also relaxes and gets some time to recover from the earlier stress.

Relaxation increases blood flow to the muscles thereby providing more energy, better metabolism and improves your memory.

Relaxation helps you to achieve a clear and calm mind, your thought process is more positive and helps you in making a better decision.

So better health and clearer (more inspired) thoughts… two good reasons on their own to relax.

How do you relax?….

Some ways you may relax….

Read a good book sitting in a nice spot (under a tree in a deck chair)
A romantic night in with your lover. (no kids or distractions)
A Netflix binge
Listening to music whilst sitting in alone with dim candle light (avoid petroleum based candles with fragrance oils).
A walk along the beach either alone or with a friend.
A glass of wine…or alternatively a pot of organic tea.
Take yourself off coffee in your fave coffee haunt.
Yoga class or Pilates
Meditation class
Spending time in the garden
Pottering around in your “cave”.
A hobby

Breathing in and experiencing pure organic essential oils is a great way to relax. (be wary of “fragrant Oils”, especially in some candles)

Kis My Body range is an easy way to enjoy the benefits

Diffuse your favourte Organic Essential Oil using a diffuser of choice. See special offer Kis Aromatherapy Kit.
Spray your face (and auras with an Kis organic hydrosol).
A bath with your favourite Kis blend.
A spray of your favourite Kis perfume throughtout the day.
You can apply the Kis rollerball generously onto the palm of your hands and cup your hands over your face as a way to relax.

We as a society are realizing we need to slow down.
There are now magazines called “Breathe” and “Mindful”, “Breathe Teenager”,  “Slow Food”. (we are trying to get our youth to find healthy ways to relax so they can deal with stress). At least we are aware of the problems stress can have on us today.
So don’t forget …stop and smell the roses. Book a massage, visit a hot spring, plan an outing or book a mini-break today.

Photo: courtesy of upsplash by Roberto Nickson.


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