Mr Smooth Story

Mr Smooth was a man of outdoor living with a desire to look like a Greek Adonis.

The problem was he worked outdoors as a tradesman and played a lot of golf, of course outdoors and loved to hit the surf. He noticed his skin became dry and looking like a leather boot.

With the help of the Kis My Body team of experts he decided he wanted a change. Smooth skin with a nice sheen to it.

The Mr Smooth men’s grooming pack is a 10-minute morning or night regime that will have you looking the perfect man.

1 – Have a hot shower or wash and open the pours of your skin.
2 – The three-day growth has to go, hence the Vegan Brush and the Mr Smooth shaving soap.
3 – Apply a warm lather of Mr Smooth shave soap made of Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Yin oil blend (Cedarwood*, Jasmine*, Vanilla, Amyris, Patchouli*, Rose, Labdamum) *Certified Organic, Super Smooth Fine Blue Australian Clay. Apply with Hand Crafted Vegan Brush. Use a quality two or Three blade Razor.
4 – Apply Vitamin C cream which is an anti-aging cream sparingly over face. A few dabs will be fine. Rub into skin avoiding eyes. You might notice a slight tingle sensation to the skin. This is the Vitamin C cream working through your pours of your skin.
5 – Freshen face with Organic Flower water (rosemary-neroli), spray gently over face and watch face start to shine. Any tingle will disappear.
6 – Daily Face cream with organic ingredients and Yin Blend can be applied at night or in the morning after shave. Mr Smooth also uses the Daily Face cream as a deodorant.




Mr Smooth name and products are Copyright to Kis My Body P/L.



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