Winter Purples – with Lavender

Lavender is a very attractive plant, and can be found many gardens, it is bee friendly and exhudes a pleasurable fragrance.
Lavender is so beneficial to us humans too.
It was first discovered because of its ability to relieve burns.

It can be rubbed on your neck and chest directly on the skin (not all essential oils can be put directly onto skin!!). It will enhance your immune system and help prevent colds and flu.
Also you can diffuse it into the air, to product the whole family from germs!!
Also it helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

“A 2010 study of midlife women with insomnia showed that 20 minutes of lavender inhalation twice weekly for 12 weeks saw a reduction in heart rate and heart rate variability and improvement in sleep quality.” Source:
It a has a very refreshing smell, and can be used as a personal fragrance by men and women.
Organic Lavender of course is best. You will find the best quality organic lavender infusing Kis Lavender Range. Check it out.

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