Unisex Essential Oil Blend – Liberates & Balances

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Unisex Kis Essential Oil Blend

Kis’ Unisex essential oil blend is meant to soothe the soul and skin. Suitable for both the skin types it creates a perfect balance between freshness and concentration. Procured by aromatherapist it is also organically certified.

A unique to Kis and  blended by an aromatherapist. The scent is superb and transform your moods. Fresh Citrus blend has always been a favourite.

Aroma produced:  Fresh, liberating & balancing
* certified organic

This will awaken your senses. Grounding and balancing. Have you heard the expression It’s ok to have your head in the clouds but keep your feet on the ground.


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Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 cm

A blend of natural and organic oils; Rose Jasmine* Clove Bud* Geranium* Mandarin*

1 review for Unisex Essential Oil Blend – Liberates & Balances

  1. Christine Endres

    I am so enjoying this oil..have 2 diffusers and use this in both. Love it.

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