Australian Made and Owned

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Kis products are proudly Australian Made and owned, and have been approved for Australian Made Certification. They are high quality, organic without any artificial ingredients.

Yin, is calming, grounding, Yang it’s opposite is uplifting and inspiring, Unisex is a popular citrus based blend that inspires love & life. These blends have been designed by a qualified aromatherapist.
The Kis range has these 3 scents ATM, and will be introducing more blends especially designed to make you feel good and be good for your skin and smell.
Much more to come, with a Australian Sea Salt Organic Scrub in Yin, Yang & Unisex.

We all lead busy lifes and Kis products provide basic products to easily maintain a daily skin routine. Exfoilate, cleanse, shave & moisturise. For busy men and women.

A citrus Kis Vitamin C, every day moisturiser for men and woman.


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