KIS – Keep It Simple!

Do you read the ingredients of products? Many ingredient listings are very hard to read as they are in small print.
Ingredients are listed in order of percentage. So if an ingredient is at the bottom of the list then it is probably only there because it sounds good and there is probably only a miniscule amount of it in the product.
Kis product uses quality ingredients and minimum of ingredients. Our ingredients are necessary to practical use of the product, and not there because it sounds lovely.
We think less is more.

2 thoughts on “KIS – Keep It Simple!”

    1. We are releasing three new organic perfumes in 2 months times. These are superb and l would love to send you samples.
      I regards to the original three perfumes, and in your case your favourite Unisex. We are hoping to re-introduce them on the market sometime in the future. I will keep your request at the front of my mind and keep you informed.

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