Flower Waters

Flower Waters

Flower waters, also called Hydrosols or floral waters are a pure product form the steam distillation of Essential Oils.
The make excellent facial toners and hydrate the skin after cleansing. Spray your favourite flower Mist over clean skin as part of your facial routine for a gentle toner or simply a refreshing all over spray to use after showering and exercise.

In an easy to carry plastic spray bottles take your favourite Kis Organic flower water with you and spritz on your face during the day, as an natural perfume or‘pick me up.
Flower waters are especially great during warmer weather and drying conditions like air conditioning, take with you to spray your face on your next plane trip.

In Summer months you can put your Kis flower water into the fridge in and use it as a facial and all over refresher.

The Kis flower waters are expertly blended by an aromatherapist and can also be used for their healing and mood enhancing qualities and also as an aura cleanser to get rid of negative vibes.

Also great for a room spray, with light fragrances,

Lavender is the most relaxing and the Kis Organic lavender flower water can be spray onto the bed sheets and pillow for a relaxed nights sleep.
Kis Organic lavendr flower water also has  Patchouli, Chamomile & Bergamot Essential Oils blended for Relaxing & Soothing.

Kis Organic Rose flower waters is great to spray as a toner on combination skin. with Added Ylang Ylang, Tangerine & Rosalina Essential Oils, it has been blended for its aromatherapy qualities to help you gain awareness of your limitless potential. This awakening blend is the first step towards making positive life changes.

Kis Clary Sage, Organic Flower Water Hydrosol Face & Body Mist Toner. Revitalising with Mandarin, Juniper Berry & Rosalina Essential Oils.

This revitalising combination is an uplifting blend that creates magnetic energy and brings happiness to the heart, inspiring romance and togetherness. Clary sage has a reputation as an aphorodisiac and also Anti Bacterial properties.

Kis Rosemary & Neroli,also great as a facial toner and all over body spritz, Uplifting & Balancing with Lemon, Petitgrain & Geranium Essential Oils. Rosemary & Neroli also stimulates creativity, desire, focus and motivation, encouraging you to seize initiative and overcome procrastination.

it aids concetrations and its a great study buddy.

In summary, Kis Flower waters can be applied After washing face and body to close the pores and tone and hydrate the skin.
Men can use after shaving and to hydrate during the day.
Lightly sprayed over the face, it helps fix on make-up, also Women can use to keep makeup fresh throughout the day.
Can be used as s an aromatherapy treatment through the day.
Take with you when travelling to re-hydrate the skin.

Enjoy the varied benefits and uses of an organic flower water soon!

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