Be Scentsible. Why your soap might smell to good to be true.

This week we purchased 20 litres of Organc Olive Oil from a family business in Victoria.
This is to create our bathing soaps, shave soaps and soon we will make liquid soap. Our soaps are perfumed using only organic essential oils, blended by a very talented aromatherapist, l have worked with for nearly 2 decades. I want to write about soap and what makes soap smell “nice”.

Smell is a great source of pleasure, which is why we are a perfume company. Smell is our passion.

Today, it is easy to be desensitized by all the smells around us. Most of us have fast moving lifestyles.
In America the favourite smells have been described as…

  1. after it rains
  2. Cookies fresh from oven
  3. vanilla
  4. fresh baked bread
  5. bacon frying
  6. fresh ground coffee

And we can be lured into thinking the stronger a product smells the better? We are getting our money’s worth?

Smells can conjour up many feelings + memories, they can make us feel happy, sickly or sexy!
Smells can give us great pleasure in the moment.
Hence the saying “stop and smell the roses”.

Start by smelling your soap next time you wash. 
Can you smell your soap a mile off?
This is not always a good sign! Gone are the days when we would place a soap in an underwear drawer and it would keep it smelling “fresh” for years!
Essential oils are subtle smelling, dangerous “Fragrance Oils” can be smelt from a mile away. I am now so sensitive to fragrance oils that l have to leave some places where fragrance candles are burning.
Have you read what is in your soap lately? It’s difficult when some soaps are sold without packaging. You should ask the manufacturer what is in it.
When l shop at markets,  l alway ask the seller what is in this and that. They “should” know.

If it smells strong it could contain fragrance. Which is just one of many dangerous ingredients that you could be ingesting.

Avoid soaps that have ingredients like
Fragrance Use soaps that are perfumed with essential oils
Colour like Tartrazine, FD & C Yellow No.5, or any long sounding name.
Preservatives like Tetrasodium EDTA, the Preservative Made from Formaldehyde.
Palm Oil I avoid all palm oil (but look out for it’s derivatives too!) Palm oil is destroying the habitat of animals like Orangutans.
I avoid “sustainable” palm oil as you cannot be 100% sure it is??? To me it is like “clean coal”.
PEG-6 (PEG-6 is another one of these extremely common toxic soap ingredients and it regularly contains toxic impurities that can cause a wide range of dangerous conditions. Studies show that exposure can cause a large increase in your likelihood of developing breast cancer).

We recommend you read all labels on all your cosmetics.





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